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How to use Liuliangbao "Black Hat SEO Software"

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 8 Apr 2015

'Liuliangbao' 'Software Increase Website Visitors / Blog -, Good Night, previously, I have discussed about how to use the software Jingling and In this post a little sharing software. '' Liuliangbao '' yes that's the name of the software. This includes black hat seo techniques, Similar to software "Jingling", but slightly different. Common functions of this software is to improve the visitor website / blog. Please refer to the review of this software. In particular, the use of software Liuliangbao are:

  1. Increase traffic / traffic site / web.
  2. Increase Alexa rank.
  3. Increasing popularity of online stores / products.
  4. Increase revenue from ads on a website.

In general, the increase is only carried out in four stages: Downloading software.

  1. Running the software.
  2. Enter the URL.
  3. Start optimizing.

Because this software is the Chinese language, then Labston will provide instructions for using the software Liuliangbao "how to use Liuliangbao tools / software". To file, you can download here. How to use:

Mass sending traffic (recommended) - add a link. (Number 1)

Get clicks from real people - add a link. (number 2)

Improve search engine ranking - add a link. (number 4)

Alexa Ranking boosters (number 5)

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