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Knowing and Understanding, What is Alexa Rank?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 14 Apr 2015

Alexa Rank is a device that is given to a blog or a website based on the amount of traffic or visitors, the counting is done by Alexa.com. This rank is calculated from the largest to the smallest, so the smaller the better alexa rank the quality of the blog. Read : Increase Traffic and rank with jingling and liuliangbao 
Calculations also ranked based on the number Links In on Alexa, the greater the number the faster alexa rank down. Read How To Incerease Site Linking In On Alexa

Knowing how Alexa Traffic or visit A Blog?

Information on the traffic or visits can be derived from Alexa. Alexa toolbar installed by millions of computers on the Internet. Therefore it is better if you want to quickly slim alexa install the Alexa Toolbar. From the toolbar We can determine the ranking of a blog. Read : install widget alexa rank

How to Work Rating Alexa Rank

As already explained above I made the provision of largest to smallest, the smaller it is, the better. However, unlike the case with Page Rank, the assessment of the smallest to largest, the greater then the better. Alexa rank will shrink if the amount of traffic or delivery of a blog is increasing or constant. Conversely, if the amount of traffic or visits reduced the value of Alexa rank would be increase.
Assessment was also conducted based on the number of links in a blog, the more the faster alexa rank slim. Links In is a backlink is in getting a blog. Read : How to increase Site Link In Alexa

How Important is Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank arguably as important and unimportant depending blog what you manage. Becomes important when a blog or website that you manage to use as a farm to make money through the internet. His condition will be inverted or not important if a blog or website that you manage only as a medium of writing alone.

For the bloggers who use blogs as a medium and money, then alexa rank as a benchmark for the quality of your blog. Therefore the role of alexa rank is very important in this situation.

How to Slimming Alexa Rank

Lowering alexa rank can be done in various ways ranging from diligently creating articles, do onpage SEO optimization until SEO offpage optimization, find backlinks, and so forth. Actually there are many ways that do so quickly slimming alexa rank. Read : slimming alexa with alexa booster "Liuliangbao"

So Alexa Rank is the rank given by Alexa.com, important or not depends on your goal to create a blog

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