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Meinkauf, Application Learning German in Android

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 1 Apr 2015

Meinkauf is one of the German language learning apps on android that you can download and use for free. Meinkauf is application that suitable for use by anyone who wants to learn the German language.

For you who will travel to Germany but could not speak German can use this app to learn, especially for transactions in the market and mall shopping in Germany.

Meinkauf comes with a variety of features such as write, read & speak the German language. The study also packaged in the form of fun through a simple quiz, and so you can easily follow it as a way of learning fun.

The list of features available today are as follows

  1. studying the word
  2. studying sentence
  3. studying Dialogue
  4. Language quiz
  5. There A wide variety of items to help you complete the quiz
  6. and shop items

The concept of the game which is embedded in this application is really interesting, so you will be challenged to continue to learn. No need to fear the size of a large application, because the application is relatively small, which is only about 7.4 Mb only.
You can download this free android application via the link below. Hopefully this app can help you to learn basic German language :)

Download Meinkauf, Application Learning German in Android

applications Meinkauf
Size 7.4 MB
Price Guide

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