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Protect Your Adsense With Prevent Spam Comments

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 10 Apr 2015

Labston - In the article entitled "Secure your Adsense with Prevent Comment SPAM" This is our anticipation to prevent Banned, because you certainly would not want to be the next victim instead !!!
Spam Comments

Why SPAM Comments can be banned Google ???

The above questions being debated for certain people, because it is very unnatural if spam comments could hurt the company Google (that's their thinking that comment SPAM, right!).

Logic and the answer is, ....

SPAM comments embedded in your blog could be the cause of Adsense banned, because of SPAM comments usually directing or plant active link in the comments field that clearly violates the provisions commented.

In addition, most commentators SPAM comes from a blog / website whose purpose is to drive directly on a link that is mostly addressed the business or buying and selling, and of course it would be a cheat for the rival Google.

What are the signs Comment SPAM ???

Active links in the comment column
Name commentators not with the original name, otherwise use the name or business focused on sales such as "selling drugs, selling pulses, hemorrhoids medicine etc".
The comments spiked with unwanted sales plus give live link

To Prevent, you can do with:

Close the comments for the use of All People
Use the comment with Certain users (such as users blogger, etc.)
Create Moderation Comments
Difficult comments by activating the security code
Prevent the automatic removal
By optimizing the performance of Blog to prevent SPAM comments, then most likely your blog safe and clean so as to prevent Banned from Google Adsense. Hopefully useful and thank you !.

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