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The Cause decrease of Adsense Revenue and how to handle it

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 12 Apr 2015

Adsense Revenue - Some adsense publishers often encounter problems, why their earnings adsense dropped in a few days and months. actually a lot of things that need to know the cause of the decline in revenue adsense, in addition to possible traffic down other possible causes of the ad placement is not appropriate or less on target. Read : 11 Causes Banned By Google AdSense
decrease Adsense Revenue

Cause decrease of adsense income.

  1. Ad Placement: many careless placing adsense ads, they put an ad in the middle of the post, and I also see many using sticky in the sidebar (sidebar when discroll follow) is a big mistake, impressed if these forced the visitors to click on ads. Read : How to put Ads Below Post Article Blog
  2. Often Changing Ad position: if you frequently change the adsense ads on your blog? This is true if you have to stop because your income may be reduced, it is the first time you change a lot of earnings that goes but after a lapse of several days can be sure your adsense earnings going down. correct or not you can practice alone.
  3. Often Changing Template: in addition to changing the position of the ad usually adsense revenue fell because you often change the look of the template so not recommended by adsense, adsense policy see if you still do not understand. if you really want to change, you can remove the adsense ads first. The anticipation that your account is not banned.
  4. Not Often Update Articles: if you never consistent in terms of the post, most likely your adsense revenue will be reduced, why? besides maybe your traffic will likely go down ads that appear in the adsense on your blog will be in trim as well, remember that google adsense is a type of advertising is based on text, keywords and traffic.

How To Handle Decrease of Adsense Revenue 

  1. Select Ad placement: to handle the lack of revenue by placing ads adsense is the most effective. in the sidebar, the beginning and end of the post
  2. Often update the article: often the one to bring traffic blog posts in addition to visitors, update articles will affect adsense ads, the more you post, the more ads in the show by adsense. Read : Why Creating Article More Difficult Than Writing Article?
  3. Select Template Lightweight: one of the causes of the failure of the blog template adsense revenue is slow when accessed by visitors to the blog, so that visitors are not likely to see the ads that appear on your blog. for this please reduce burdensome attribute your blog loading and reduce the widget does not need and reduce javascript. Read : Blogger Template Fast Loading And SEO Friendly
  4. Choose The Right Keyword: might you ask about why we should choose the right keywords for adsense? you need to understand that all of the ads that appear on your post pages based on keywords and your article discussed. one way to success with Adsense is always seeing keywords in every article that will be in upadate. I took this from the experience of some of the most successful adsense experts for this. Read : Keyword Research Most Awesome

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