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The most basic SEO techniques that must be known.

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 13 Apr 2015

The most basic SEO optimization techniques that are required to know. If you fail to do this then you have to go through tremendous difficulties that you do not actually need. Because this is part of the daily brief SEO info that I share; then this article will be brief.

You should be able to perform the most basic SEO techniques that exist below if you want to have a chance to get a good position in the search engines:
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Basic SEO Techniques for Template

At least you make sure the keywords you want can be found in the title and meta description tag in your template. If not, then you can forget about your intention to rank; because the search engine results rarely show whose title does not contain the keyword.

Basic SEO Techniques for Articles

Basically you have to pay attention to the repetition of keywords in the article text or body as a whole. Despite repeated 3 times a keyword has been counted important; but a good idea to make sure the number of repetitions of not less than 2% of the number of words in the article. Use also the headers that contain the keyword; and this is the foundation of SEO techniques to the article.

Basic SEO Techniques for Offpage

Of all the techniques offpage is no secret that backlinks are the most important. If you have quite a lot of relevant backlinks; then you will be very strong position. Relevant backlinks are backlinks that are derived from pages that discuss similar topics. But this is something that is difficult. So whenever you find a page that you can attach backlinks, then plug it. At least it can add points and increase the index crawl.

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