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TOP 10 Best PPC addition to Google Adsense

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 28 Apr 2015

What is PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click, can be translated to the payment exaggerated the number of clicks obtained. Among the bloggers who have long traveled the world of blogging, certainly no stranger to hear the name of PPC. Especially with Google Adsense! but almost every day asking bloggers to get their account but been rejected for a variety of different reasons.
Senior I almost stopped to blogging in because this issue when all the requirements are met and approved by the Google, but it remains in suspended because Counterfeiting Click detected. Though he did not pull through click fraud (clicked on purpose) so that from all phenomena that was born the words "I sick ADSENSE" then is there any other alternative ...

Here are 10 List PPC Terbai in the World:

1. Addynamo
This Addynamo works by displaying an MP3 on our blog. I also have been using this Addynamo because many say that the web is often did not receive advertising orders, but need to realize this web pay up to $ 0.50 Per Click (high is not it?) If we account has reached $ 20, the payment is made through Paypal.

2. Adbrite
Adbrite is the most reliable web in making payments to the publisher for not lage via Paypal but directly to our account books. This web pay if it has reached $ 100 but we can set a minimum of $ 5.

3. Chitika
Chitika most widely used by bloggers from Indonesia in addition to easy to get clicks. Chitika also display ads that match keywords in searching visitors to our blog, not with Google Adsense which displays Display the randomly so so hard to mendapakkan clicks from visitors. I can honestly say: I almost never to click some Adsense neighbors. so it was also taken into consideration for you is not it?

4. BuySellAds
BuySellAds is an online advertising platform that gives publishers and advertisers are free to choose the ads that will be published accordingly based on the advertiser's site content and budget. This site will pay to us 25% of the proceeds coming from advertisers (Advertiser). payments made through Paypal, but can also be transferred directly to the Indonesian national bank with $ 50 minimum requirement delivery.

5. Infolink
Infolink is PPC advertising in the form of classified ads, almost the same as "KumpulBlogger" and "kliksaya" (PPC Indonesia). The minimum payment of $ 50 through Paypal and bank account payments channeled through the minimum $ 300.

6. Kontera
Kontera service is similar to Infolink is equally shaped ads, but slightly different Kontera can choose ads based on site content. The minimum payment of $ 50 via Paypal.

7. Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser a little different from some other PPC services in terms of the form of ads that are always changing. Usually shaped ads that flashes images downloaded so inviting others to to click the icon. The minimum payment of $ 50 through Paypal

8. Cliksor
For Cliksor blogger friends to consider how this web does not pay for us 60% of the results they Advertiser they offer a wide variety of advertising forms ranging Text, Text Banner, Banner Move, Box Banner even pop-unders are also available. certainly of interest to us who like option !. minimum $ 50 payment through Paypal.

9. Adstract
Adstract is a web only accept video ads, video distribution, and monetization. $ 100 minimum payment through Paypal.

10. Luminate
If you like the picture then Luminate is the most suitable because they display a banner interesting image. minimum $ 10 payment through Paypal or Through ceks.

This article I show you many options to get coins from the internet. But I suggest you focus on only one or two services, and select from the ten most interesting aggregated before you think.

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