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Uniqueness giving the name of the operating system Android

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 24 Apr 2015

Android - Who does not know the Android operating system? In modern times today most people prefer a smartphone that has the Android operating system compared with other Operating Systems. If we examine more deeply, there are different tablets of giving the name of the Operating System that many fans in the world. Yeah right, giving the name of Android alphabetically, besides giving her name is also unique by using the name of the dessert. What are the names?
his name was also unique, names cover the dish. What are they?
Android(A – Android 1.0) Apple Pie
(B – Android 1.1) Banana Bread
(C – Android 1.5) Cupcake
(D – Android 1.6) Donut
(E – Android 2.0/2.1) Eclair
(F – Android 2.2) Froyo / Frozen Yogurt
(G – Android 2.3) Gingerbread
(H – Android 3.0) Honeycomb
(I – Android 4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich
(J – Android 4.1) Jelly Bean
(K – Android 4.4) KitKat
(L – Android 5.0) Lollipop

Apple Pie
First released on 23 September 2008 with a feature that is still very modest. Smartphone that implement this version first is the HTC Dream or the American people knew him by the name T-Mobile G1 in October 2008

Banana Bread
This version gets renewal and introduced to the public on February 9, 2009. There was some progress as well as the renewal of the previous version, such as the ability to hide and display the call button and save the message attachment and others.

New in this version of Android dare to show off his ability. Officially, this version is the first version that uses a code name based on the name of a dessert dish or dessert. In this version of third party applications already starting to break, such as application with a virtual keyboard text prediction features as well as adding other features.

New on September 15, the 2009 version of the latest appear with the name "Donut". In this version there is improvement in OS bug which often do reboot itself when opening photos and videos from the camera. In this version also adds features to a large screen size and features turn by turn navigation.

For the uninitiated, is the Eclair dessert rectangular shape with cream in the middle and on top there is a layer of chocolate.
This version was introduced in October 2009 in which only one month difference with the previous version. The most obvious feature in this version is the presence of Bluetooth 2.1 as a medium of exchange data as well as new features on cameras, such as digital zoom, ive wallpapers, multi-touch as well as several other features.

Froyo / Frozen Yogurt
Maybe our ears are still unfamiliar about this dish. Yogurt made that has been through the cooling process and the shape is similar to ice cream.
Introduced to the public in May 2010 in which there is an increase in speed as well as the addition of the ability Javascript in the browser Google Chrome.

Ginger cake is shaped like a typical American man, often adapted to the animas-animation made by Hollywood.
Regardless of its name, this version adding features to SIP internet calling, the addition of a video call camera, NFC wireless capabilities, sendor gyroscope and other sensors. Not forgetting features download manager and several other features.

Typical sweet honey cereals jagus is intended specifically for the tablet. Launched in February 2011.
Many additional and improved features that occur, but this feature is only valid on the tablet, such as holographic, redesign virtual board type to facilitate tablet user in the process of typing and some other capabilities.

Ice Cream Sandwich
You could say this is a combination of Honeycomb version with the version ever before, which is destined to the smartphone, and tablet phablet. In the presence of this version, the developers do not be confused with a certain gadget segment.
From the name we can imagine this dish form, namely ice cream in a chocolate cookie layers that are usually rectangular.

Jelly Bean
Introduced on June 27, 2012 at the conference Google I / O. Developments occur in this version which makes it an android version of the fastest and smoothest ever. Can we find a different experience of the interface as well as the introduction of the Google Search with new capabilities.

Before the official release, the gadget observers predict that for the advanced version of Jelly Bean will be named "Key Lime Pie", but it turns out the rumors were wrong. Naming for this version is quite astonishing because it took the name of chocolate products which are already well-known in advance.
Is KitKat with various changes and feature additions as a complement. And that is quite unique feature is the addition of infrared once famous dijamannya. The use of technology as if that makes infrared revived? We wait for the breakthrough technology of the green robot.

Android version of the candy has not been published.

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