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What is the Google sandbox? what caused it? how do I fix this?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 20 Apr 2015

Google sandbox is a google penalty action against a blog page or website in the exhaust from indexing or ranking can be interpreted as a prison google sucking like live sand. Which resulted in the blog is not found in what is a blog page that affected the sandbox from google, & this is clearly a very negative impact on the blog itself.
Google sandbox
Google sandbox is divided into 2, the first is a sandbox on a blog or homepage URL auto blog articles in the blog, and the second is only on some articles only, and this usually happens in seo contest participants.

The following factors are the cause:
  1. Too Many Copas aka Copy Paste from Wesbite Others. Google More appreciate our own writing than "stolen", So Google websites suspected of stealing content will be directly subject to the Sandbox.
  2. Many automatic ping
  3. Excessive SEO optimization. Because tempted advantage sitting on the first page of Google and more people who then choose the "evil cult" of SEO to occupy page 1 GOOGLE.
  4. Too many keywords in the content of post.

Easy tips out of prison Goggle Sandbox:
  1. Create an article on the Google Sandbox, like : What is Sandbox ? or How to Quit Sandbox ? etc ...
  2. Stop while you website SEO optimization process
  3. Add your wesbite return URL in Google webmaster and add URL
  4. pray

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