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White Hat SEO, Safe Techniques for search engine

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Apr 2015

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is believe to increase the volume of visitors. Therefore, SEO is now starting to become a trend and is often applied by the website owner. SEO has a wide variety of techniques and strategies that can be implemented into a website.
SEO techniques are divided into two, that is the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. These techniques can help your website content reaches a certain rank. Previously I have discussed about the Black Hat Seo. Now I will discuss the White Hat Seo.
White Hat SEO

What is a White Hat SEO?

Basic Concepts:
White Hat SEO using the contents of the article, keywords, and link quality.
To improve the quality of the website, takes other aspect of the White Hat SEO. Unlike Black Hat SEO, White Hat follow the rules and limits set by the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). This technique focuses on the content interesting and unique content. In the end, higher rating will be easily accessible and durable.

Some White Hat SEO Techniques used by bloggers:

1. Display Templates
Regulate the use of templates is one of the White Hat SEO techniques. In optimizing a template should we use a template SEO friendly. So, what is the template SEO friendly? That template with fast page loading and lightweight so highly favored by search engines.

2. Use of Meta Tag Description
Installing Meta tags will greatly assist search engines in finding your article, especially in terms of the Title tags and description.

3. Clear and Solid Content
A content in accordance with the White Hat SEO Techniques are content contains quality articles, clear and concise. Solid understanding here also is not too short. In White Hat SEO rules, good article is an article that contains menimal 500 words.

4. Make a Good Link
how good link it? Good links are links that contains information that is appropriate in accordance with the anchor text. example, when you click Techniques Black Hat SEO then the information obtained is about Black Hat SEO.

5. Getting Backlinks
In the process of finding backlinks, we must focus on blog / website with great PageRank. In addition, start by submitting your URL to the directory dofollow and try to get one way backlinks that suits your content.

6. Using Social Network
White Hat SEO Techniques strongly recommend that you weeks to optimize the function that you have a social network like facebook, twitter and google +, Always share your article when published.

7. Ping regularly
This method is not recommended if we use them excessively because it will be considered as spam. So use the maximum ping once a day.

And more recently the technique is probably a little extra in the White Hat SEO are:

8. Attractive Offers for Visitor
Can be a free business offers, competitions or massive discount.

Finally, that last bit of my share of White Hat SEO Techniques, may be useful and useful for users other blogs.
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