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Why Creating Article More Difficult Than Writing Article?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 10 Apr 2015

Creating Postings Articles - Writing articles is not difficult stuff, but that is more difficult is to "create" the article post. Creating is our ability to create a masterpiece, while writing is a skill in typing by using the fingers alone.

By listening to the above definition, we will realize that it is not difficult article to write, because writing articles is just intelligence or our agility in typing can be done by copying the alias citing articles from other sources.
create articles
While creating articles, we must begin by outlining the idea that we have. Describe the idea is the same is the synonym of creating the article because it has the same meaning.

Creating article posting:

If we quote the articles from other sources, then we are only required to be good at typing letter by letter while changing a little sentence in the article that does not exactly match the original source. It means that we already have the "raw material" for the article, so we do not need to create the raw material. in other words, we simply copy while merewrite (rewrite the style of our own).

While creating the article, we are required to make raw materials article that requires us to think to compose a piece of writing and we are also required to be agile in typing the article in order to post an article a lot every day.


Creating articles is more difficult than writing the article. People who can create definite article can write articles, but the person who can write articles may not be able to create the article. Creating articles is not an easy job.

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