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Why Earphone Cable Length Beside?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 30 Apr 2015

Why Earphone Cord Length Beside? - Humans have two left and right ear, the earphones also has two parts (there are also only one part). Well, usually each section has a clue L (Left) and R (Right).
Why should distinguish between left and right? This is because in the world of sound recording, sound is recorded and placed on several different tracks, which will give a stereo effect when recording is played back. Read : Important Facts Apple Watch You Need to Know

Usually there is a time difference intro of the song, usually part of the Left (left) who only heard his voice or otherwise.

Ear is also an intricate and complex organ, although a similar look the same, but the ear consists of the arrangement of small bones of hearing different, would make the sound into the ear also received a slightly different way.

Earphone maker in addition to giving a sign of the letters L and R to tell which parts of the left and right, also makes the cable connecting the right part is longer than the left. This has the following purpose:

Usually earphones connected to mobile phones or Mp3 player in pocket on the left shirt pocket, so the cable into the right ear automated longer because it will traverse a greater distance than to the left ear. Other uses are if in the dark and we could not see the writing on the L or R earphones, then by touching a longer cable (for the right ear)
Maybe enough of this article, hopefully useful.
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