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10 differences of people who would be a success and they are doomed to failure

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 1 May 2015

Lifestyle Labston - Everyone wants to be successful. Some people can achieve and more people fail. Why? Maybe because they do not 'have the qualities' needed to be the one who is loved by success.

Yes, there is a big difference between successful people and those who are fated never to succeed in life. Here are some of them were composed of Lifehack.

Difference 1: "Setting goals and making a plan" vs "to wrap goal and dream"
Everyone has a dream. But successful people turn their dreams into a life goal to be achieved with real action. And the action was well planned.
While those who fail only dared to dream and set goals, and dreaming again.

Difference 2: "Spurred by the success of others" vs. "feel unrivaled by other people's success."
People who would never manage to see the success of others with envy. While people who are successful in the future saw it as a source of learning and inspiration to achieve success as well.

Difference 3: "Always wanted to know" vs. "think they know everything"
Some people are always going to be a variety of things. They gain knowledge of everything that makes them curious about it.
But some people think that they know everything. And thinking it makes them proud, make them not want to learn anything new. You know which of them will succeed.

Differences 4: "Willing to change" vs. "skeptical of change"
When trying to achieve success, people will find a lot of unexpected things that sometimes make them have to change plans. If it is not ready to change, then say goodbye to your success.

Differences 5: "Introspection of failure" vs. "blaming others because of personal failure"
When faced with failure, great people will make a failure as a source of learning. So they will not make the same mistake in the future.
But people who are destined to fail will feel down when faced with difficulties. And they will try to find a scapegoat to blame for their own failures.

Differences 6: "Seeing the difficulties as challenges" and "see difficulties as a barrier"
Just like in the face of failure, negative people will see trouble as a barrier. While positive people will have optimistic thoughts. They consider difficulties as a challenge and they will try hard to win.

Differences 7: "The pursuit of higher efficacy" and "satisfied when success is achieved"
Big businessmen, big politicians, or those other true success will not be satisfied with just one success. Instead, they will build a new dream, set higher goals, and make better plans to achieve it.

Differences 8: "Maintain and develop connections" vs. "working alone"

Great people know, to achieve even greater success they can not work alone. They needed new ideas, new perspectives, and new connections that could make them go further.
That is why they will try to create a larger network connection. Positive and useful connections, of course.

Differences 9: "Always had a thing to do" vs. "live life like water flowing"

Great people who find success will never let their time wasted. Their productivity is really high, that's why they will not let the free time not spent productively.

Difference 10: "The viewpoint flexible" vs. "viewpoint saklek"

To adapt to the changing world, people need to have a flexible point of view. You can not find success if you hold the viewpoint that saklek.

That's 10 the difference people who fail and those who will succeed in the future.

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