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6 Tips to Make Backlink Profile In Natural

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 15 May 2015

6 Tips to Make Backlink Profile In Natural - Follow the tips below to keep the Profile link us to look natural in the eyes of the Search Engine.
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Backlink Profile In Natural

Vary Anchor Text Keyword Targeted.
This is point number one and most important in the Offpage optimization, because with so many variations of keywords then the SE will assume a natural thing (personal experience). Examples like I want to raise the main keyword is "Eating" then from 100 Backlink Profile that I will make later on there will be four variations of derivative keyword "Eating" like, "Eating" "Eating Online Info", "Eating cheap "and the percentage could be done as much as 50%" main keyword "and 50%" secondary keyword "mentioned above.

Do not Just for a high PageRank Website Pages Only.
To re-create the SE assess the optimization that we do not only look natural is always pursuing web-high pagerank web only. Because if all that happens SE will assume that it is paid links course in the Google TOS extremely prohibited and very fatal consequences later.
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Do not Forget Postings page.
Do not focus only on the homepage gives backlink website. Select the page posts that are likely quite important and you also some backlink profile to that page. By doing this shows Google that we content that others also have become a high priority for assessment.

Get All the Different Types of Links.
There are different types besides Backlink Profile, As Bloggroll links, article marketing (Blogpost), Social Network, Bookmarking and others. So do not focus on one or two types of SEO campaign alone, Kan tuh many other species ... Basically anywhere you can, as long as there is a form where we would put a web link.

Avoid Submit AutoLink.
Avoid automated programs and spam links like "submit site" or "add url". Being one of the users of this service like Google Alerts will only turn on again that we are actively looking for backlinks to increase in popularity. Focus on backlink search link where not only all webmasters can have an alias rarely use it. Read : How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool

Remember that Domain Age In Optimization.
Especially for a domain that is still very young, do not ever bombard the domain with hundreds of thousands baclink especially in a flash using the Software Seo. Because it would be very bad, where the main objective want to get high rankings in the SERP will actually disappear from a search (sandbox) and the worst deindex. So if possible OvciO advice for young domain2 quite a day 10 to 20 just before finding backlinks from different domain2, later if age is more than 6 months should be trained with new Bulk Backlink.

Ok, So first short tips are apparently still many novice blogger friends who do not already know, I hope can be useful in the adventures in the World of Internet Marketing
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