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How to Make Cool Tattoos With Android

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 27 May 2015

Make a tattoo on a limb is sick. But, if you have Android, tattooing is not sick. Absolutely, if you want to make tattoos on the arms, shoulders, abdomen, legs or other body parts, now you can do yourself easily and fast, free too.

This time I want to discuss a little how to easily create a photo with a tattoo on Android application called "Tatoo my photo." With this tattoo application, Android users can easily attach pictures cool tattoo on the photo or image.

The first course please you install the application "Tatoo my Photo" via Play Store, free of charge. Once installed, run the application. You can immediately find a collection of photos of yourself through the Android gallery, or take a new photo with the camera.
Tatoo my photo.

Next, choose which body part to be affixed tattoos, for example arm. Then, select an existing design tattoo image and paste it into your body. Set the position to fit and blend with the skin.

Once finished, press the SAVE button to save the tattoos on your photos. You can also share photos tattoos are made to social media directly from the application "Tattoo my Photo". Good luck tattooing own body.
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