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A quick way to earn money from a blog with infolinks

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 13 May 2015


Bussiness Online - This article I will explain about How to quickly get money from blogs with infolinks? What it infolinks? How much to pay? How do I apply? What are the requirements? completely peeled how to earn money from a blog with infolinks. 
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Here's my brief explanation of how the quick way to get money out of blogs by infolinks in detail.

What it infolinks?
infolinks is advertising provider's site in the form of text (not a banner), which means inserting advertisements in the form of text links within the content of your website / blog. ad links within the text will look like two bottom lines and the link could also appear as dotted link (link dotted underlined).

Who can register at infolinks?
infolinks receive a small website and blog as well, you do not need a minimum number of visitors and, of course, you do not need to pay the cost of set-up.

Does the display can be adjusted from infolinks ads on your blog and whether it will change the look of my website?
infolinks will not change the layout of your web site and will not overwrite any existing hyperlinks on your page.
When and how do I get paid by infolinks?
infolinks pay each month. The minimum payout is $ 100. You can choose to be paid via paypal, bank transfer, or through western union.

How can I check my earnings infolinks?
To check your current income you need to sign in to your infolinks account and click on the tab .infolinks report is not updated in real time but is updated once a day instead.

How do I register at infolinks?
Create an account infolinks by visiting this link infolinks registration. You can also sign up using Facebook login. After filling out the form provided, then click "JOIN" .Blog you will be approved in less than 24 hours. Ads will automatically appear after infolinks approve your registration application. Open the email you used to register earlier, open inbok of infolinks and click the link in it. This aims to confirm that your email is legitimate email. Once your account is accepted, then you can log in admin panel infolink by clicking> LOGIN> PUBLISHER existing in their main page. Once you have successfully logged in you will be taken directly to the publisher dashboard page. There you can see your earnings reports and set infolinks display on your blog.

Additional info / Tips on How to quickly get money from blogs with infolinks:

  • Many of these bloggers and blogger Indonesia outside the earning greater than google adsense using infolinks.
  • Keep your blog to speak English so quickly accepted by infolinks, I've listed Indonesian language blog but rejected.
  • If your blog Indonesian language, try to have articles that smells a little English on the main page of your blog at the time of registration. I outsmart my blog with it and thank God accepted.
  • If it is accepted try infolinks ads in places that are likely many will click on it.
  • Boost traffic to your blog to increase revenue from infolinks.
  • Thus my short article about how quick way to earn money from a blog with infolinks, hopefully after reading this article you can be excited in making money from blogs.

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