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Selfie Arm, Stick selfie Most Creative

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 5 May 2015

Selfie ArmTechno - Do you enjoy doing activities selfie photo ?, if the answer is yes, then please continue reading this information. Due to this occasion Labston will introduce to you about sticks selfie unique, cool and able to produce creative selfie photo.

if in general stick-shaped selfie so-so alone, but to stick selfie the following special really. The shape resembles a human hand. His name is Selfie Arm.

Selfie Arm is a stick selfie unique, creative and results can be deceiving. Yes, deceptive, because the images you selfie selfie stick with it will look like a hand holding your lover.

Whatever the outcome is more realistic, because the color of the stick selfie deliberately similar to the original hand. Moreover selfie stick is fitted cloth cursory looks like a sleeve. So that if your impression as if he were holding hands with someone very realistic at the photos of your selfie

Furthermore, you can pose to your taste, can smile, angry, sullen, or sulk. that, because it will look more romantic, that your friends will think that you're making out with your lover.

And as an important insight, the originator of making creative selfie sticks are Aric Snee and Justin Crowe. And for most of the photos selfie with this tool, please note the following photos.
Selfie Arm

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