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Want to Be Productive Blogger? Try Run This system

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 17 May 2015

Want to Be Productive BloggerThis system will become much more firmly rooted and effective if you do it consistently and also run it before other activities such as opening or open #email social media. Here are some steps prolific blogger system that you can practice:

1. Finding the idea of ​​writing (10 Minutes)

The first stage in this system is to find the idea of ​​writing. Try to get the idea to write this as soon as possible. You try to find it no more than 10 minutes, so that the spirit of writing you do not quickly disappear.

Actually, the idea of ​​writing this can occur rapidly even less than 5 seconds. You do this by relying on a small note contains a collection of written ideas that you get far before you intend to write blog content. The ideas of this writing you can get from many things such as #blogwalking, reading, watching the news channel and trending topic and the streets outside the home.

2. Writing (60-90 minutes)

Once an idea is obtained, execution immediately by writing. Ideas that are not immediately written to be easily evaporate and disappear. Although ideini have you noted in the booklet, you still have to write it down immediately. If not, in many cases the idea is not immediately written in small notes will become obsolete idea, outdated or aging so that makes us lazy while writing it.

Therefore immediately to write down ideas you've been getting. Stages of writing this is a stage that takes quite a lot of time which is between 60-180 minutes, depending on the level of fluency typing, writing experience, number of words and discussions that you want to create.

To be able to write more effectively and faster, you must pay attention to the following points which separates the writing from editing, removing distractions writing (eg #internet or turn off your cell phone) and search for a place and time that is convenient for you to write.

3. Editing Posts (30-60 Minutes)

Write activity must be separated by editing. This is not the case for speeding up the process of writing it, but in it there is an element of pouring ideas are comprehensive and complete. If bloggers are required to do the writing and editing activities together, so that often happens is that some of the topics of the ideas which have been thought to be forgotten and disappeared. Because these topics are not immediately written.

Thus the activity of writing is to be separated from the activities of editing. In the process of editing the paper, you have to be faster than writing. This is due to re-examine you only have a few posts that typo, streamline and adjust sentences with the words EYD according to your ability.

This editing process itself can do with the time between 30-90 minutes, depending on experience and the number of words will be edited. If you can be faster than 30 minutes, it would be better for the process you become prolific blogger.

4. Publish (15-20 Minutes)

The last stage of the system into a productive blogger is publish. In this stage, you also should be able to make it faster than the stages of writing and editing. Keep this stage is completed in no more than 20 minutes.

Publishing this stage it can be faster because you only have to complete the writing that has been edited with some elements such as images, links or videos. These elements certainly you can make and you're looking at a lot of media, especially search engines that proved to be very fast and accurate in terms of operations.

After all stages of the system is you do well then the total time you need to create quality writing is 3 hours or can be less than that. If you are consistent and adhere to this system, it is possible you will be a productive and professional blogger. Good luck!

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